Is it possible to specify different configuration parameters for different nodes when netbooting?


NOTE: These options are for non-CSN deployments.

There are two config files used when a Swarm node boots:

  • A "BOOT CONFIG" file that tells the node what software to load (e.g. Swarm)
  • When booting from a USB stick, the boot config file is: "syslinux.cfg"
  • When using PXE boot, the boot config file is a file within the "pxelinux.cfg" directory of the tftp server.
  • You will need to create a unique boot config here for each node (see below for more info)
  • A "SWARM CONFIG" file that provides Swarm its settings.
  • If Swarm is passed a "castor_cfg" setting (specified in the above boot config file), it will attempt to use settings from the file given in that parameter (more info below)
  • Otherwise, Swarm will look for "node.cfg" on a local USB stick
  • You will need to use the castor_cfg paramter (see below for more info)

    To have separate configurations for each node when using PXE boot:

  • Create Separate PXELINUX Boot Configs For Each Node: In your tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ directory, make a copy of "default" for each node & name these files based on the MAC addresses of each node (for details on the file naming convention, see "samples/Network-Boot/pxelinux.txt" on the Swarm USB stick). This allows PXE to pass each Swarm node a different config setting on boot.
  • Use Separate Config-List Files: Edit each of the 3 files Created in step #1 & add a castor_cfg parameter.
  • E.G: castor_cfg=
  • Create Config-List Files: For each node, create the nodex-config-list.txt file referenced in step 2. For example, node1-config-list.txt would contain two lines:
  • - (this file will contain all config settings that are the same for all nodes)
  • - (these files will contain all config settings that are unique for just one node)
  • Create Swarm Config Files:
  • Create Copy the entire node.cfg contents into here EXCEPT the vols line.
  • Create node-specific files & put a single line in each one with the ipaddress setting

    E.G: would contain a single line:


    Now, PXE boot will use a separate boot configuration for each node and that boot config will use a different config-list for each node. The config-lists will reference a single file with all the common settings and a node-specific file with just the unique settings (in the example case vols parameter).

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