Unretire all

When should/ could I use "unretire all" SNMP command?

QUESTION: If I have 3 volumes retiring and want to use the snmpset command to cancel them from retiring, but I have an existing volume that is not retiring, is there any reason to NOT use the "all" parameter? Ie, will that cause any problem when I try to "unretire" a non-retiring drive?
ANSWER: You can send an unretire message to a drive that is not retiring without causing a problem.

Step-by-step guide

The following command will unretire all retiring drives on a node.

  1. Log into a node with SNMP access to the cluster.
  2. type: snmpset -v2c -c [snmp password] -m [MIB location] [IP address of node] castorCancelVolumeRetire s all


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