Changing Swarm admin password for Swarm 7.2 or higher

To modify an existing Swarm administrator password, the following steps are required:

1. Change the password in the config file.

  • CSN users: change the admin password to the new password using the GUI.

  • Non-CSN users: change the admin password to the new password in the cluster.cfg file:

    security.administrators = {'admin': 'newpassword', 'snmp': 'ourpwdofchoicehere'}

2. Set the new password for EACH AND EVERY Swarm node using SNMP. The new password does not require a reboot to take effect:

snmpset -v2c -c<CURRENT ACTIVE SNMP PASSWORD> -m ALL <SWARM NODE IP> addModifyAdministrator s "admin:<NEW ADMIN PASSWORD>"


snmpset -v2c -c ourpwdofchoicehere -m ALL addModifyAdministrator s "admin:newpassword"

Specify the Caringo MIB file if the snmp command is run on a regular linux server such as a PXE server instead of a CSN server.

Example below assumes the MIB file is in the local directory:

snmpset -v2c -c clientpasswordhere -m ./CARINGO-CASTOR-MIB.txt addModifyAdministrator s "admin:newpassword"

Output displays as follows:

CARINGO-CASTOR-MIB::addModifyAdministrator = STRING: "admin:newpassword"

3. Optional - Read the settings stream using the new credentials to verify the password change took effect. The settings stream UUID can be found in the "Settings" window linked from the Swarm admin console:

curl --location-trusted --anyauth -u "admin:newpassword" http://<SWARM NODE IP>/<SETTINGS UUID>


Another way to change the Swarm administrator password is by using the script found in the DataCore Swarm support bundle: swarm-support-tools.tgz

Use this command to change the Swarm administrator password:

./ -C addModifyAdministrator -V "admin:<FINAL ADMIN PASSWORD>"


./ -C addModifyAdministrator -V "admin:mynewpassword"

The password is changed to "mynewpassword"

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