Swarm configuration parameters that overlap

Question: If I have a Swarm configuration file that provides one parameter for streams, and the stream itself contains the same parameter but a different value, how do I know what is applied to the stream?

For example, if the default node.cfg says repOnWrite = 0, but the stream is configured with repOnWrite (ROW) set to 1, then which configuration is used- the node.cfg or the stream itself?

Answer: The configurations will use a logical OR on the two values to determine the stream's final configuration in the cluster.  In the above example, the stream's ROW value will be 1 (ie, ROW will be enabled).

Changes made to Swarm via the Admin Console override any conflicting settings made in the cluster.cfg/ node.cfg file.  Settings that exist in the Persistent Settings Stream (PSS) always override cluster.cfg/ node.cfg parameters.

Cluster maxreps always take precedence over stream lifepoints.

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