Swarm services are stopped

Question: My node does not appear in the Swarm Admin Console.  My Swarm services in the utility menu show as "stopped".  How can that happen?  

Answer: There are several possibilities.  If the Swarm operating system loaded, then the fault isn't in the PXE server image or the image files on the USB key that the node was booted from.

If you are in the utility menu and you look at the configuration, you should be able to see if other configuration parameters are available.  If not, the likelihood is that your node.cfg file is formatted for Windows and not Unix.  Swarm can't read Windows formatted text files.   You can either transfer the node.cfg to a Linux machine and run dos2unix or download the free Notepad++, open the file, choose Edit/ EOL Conversion/ UNIX Format.  Save the file.  Then reboot the node with the changed node.cfg file.

If the node.cfg is already in UNIX format and the configuration parameters look fine in the Utility menu, then make sure that you do not have a subcluster or cluster name with a dash or other unrecognized character.  Swarm does impose a strict requirement on these characters.

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