Replication Feeds Audit messages- source side

What do the various causes mean:

FEEDS AUDIT: DISPATCH [id=1, uuid=1a5902b20968432f620be48890885a75, delete=False, success=True, cause=replication 409 ]

"Replication 409" means that the stream already exists in the target cluster so the stream will not be sent again.

FEEDS AUDIT: DISPATCH [id=1, uuid=1d299c4eb6b5e03e09d5ab2251e5336f, delete=False, success=True, cause=duplicate]
"duplicate" means that an identical stream was seen in the batch to be sent to the DR, so it is not sent twice.  It should be rare.
FEEDS AUDIT: DISPATCH [id=1, uuid=1094546a840b7700a3ee769161567bae, delete=True, success=True, cause=deletion 404 ]

"deletion 404" means that a delete event was seen on the primary, sent to the target, but the stream was not found on the target.  Likely because it was already recently deleted.

FEEDS AUDIT: DISPATCH [id=1, uuid=b95072f71ae6b984ffe82729dfdf0dee, delete=False, success=True, cause=replication 201 ]

"replication 201" means the stream was successfully replicated to the target cluster in this operation.

FEEDS AUDIT: DISPATCH [id=1, uuid=19e81aae2f1c5930bdd5f7bb5694100b, delete=False, success=True, cause=replication 404 GET failure from source node]

"replication 404 GET failure from source node" means that the target node wasn't able to retrieve the stream from the source.  It might have been deleted on the source since the request was sent to the target to replicate it.

FEEDS AUDIT: DISPATCH [id=1, uuid=169681d95377acb28109f3c145a17cb1, delete=False, success=True, cause=obsolete]

"obsolete" means the stream was deleted during processing

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