EC Parameters in the Persistent Settings Stream in mixed Swarm pre-8.1

If you are upgrading from Swarm 8.0 to post 8.0, the Swarm 8.1 nodes will start including EC parameters in the Persistent Settings Stream (also called the Cluster Settings UUID / PSS). If you then boot another pre 8.1 node into the cluster, that node will remove the new EC parameters from PSS although the cluster will continue to act on the parameters.

This situation can appear alarming but should be innocuous. This allows the cluster to support downgrading from 8.1+ to <=8.0 without the PSS having parameters that don't apply to the cluster at that revision level.

Parameters introduced into the PSS in 8.1 include:


This may apply to new policy-based parameters in the future as well.

NOTE: Keep the cluster.cfg/ node.cfg in sync with the parameter in the PSS.


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