What is default replicas and how do I use it?

The setting defreps (scsp.defaultReplicas), is now policy.replicas min max default (see Replaced Settings).

This default setting is how many replicas you want for each content object (not a context, or bucket/domain), provided that no overriding lifepoint is present on the object and that default > min.

This is the difference between min and default:

  • min overrides lifepoint. You can't have a number of replicas lower than the min value, even if you configure a lower value in a lifepoint.
  • lifepoint overrides default when it is lower than default. However, the lifepoint will not be honored if it is below min.


If min = 1 and default = 2, an object written without a lifepoint will have 2 replicas.

If min = 2, an object written with lifepoint reps=1 will have 2 replicas.

If min = 2 and default = 4, an object written with lifepoint reps=3 in the lifepoint will have 3 replicas.

See Lifepoint Metadata Headers and Implementing Replication Policy.

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