What does the following Swarm error mean? DISK ERROR

DISK ERROR: ZFSStream.close: stream (227d5de5be...8fda433a0f) unfinished (962 of 67819)!

If you see this error it means some client process is repeatedly doing a POST with various Content-Lengths, but then abandoning the write after only sending about 962 bytes. These errors are telling us, a connection is being closed before all data has been sent to Swarm. You may want to review which applications are accessing the Swarm cluster and check their error logs.

As another example: 

May 20 05:15:40 2010-05-19 20:15:40,567 DISK ERROR: ZFSStream.close: stream (c09646697c...e9cab818cb) unfinished (13250329925 of 21122667493)! 

means we only received/found 13250329925 out of a total of 21122667493 bytes.

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