My CSN Backups are Failing- Content Gateway Environment

If you have a new Content Gateway environment and your CSN appears to have trouble backing up via its Automatic Backup process, you need to verify that you have the Backup Domain configured in your backup page:

http://[CSN IP]:8090/services/csn/backup/

Cloudscaler requires you to configure these parameters in the cluster.cfg file on your CSN:

cluster.enforceTenancy = True
security.noauth = True

The result is that any unnamed stream needs to be written to a domain and you won't see those domains in the Swarm Admin Console.  You can see them and manage them through Content Gateway or its UI.  The CSN backups are unnamed streams and so you need to specify what domain they will live in.  It is good practice to make a domain just for these streams to separate them from your user streams.  If you do not specify a domain, Swarm will try to store the streams in the default domain (which is the cluster name).  This is not created by default, so if you don't have a default domain (again, a domain with the same name as the clustername) your backup will fail.

Here is what you might see in the Backup/ Restore page if you are experiencing this issue:

Backup-20160909-193002      Fri Sep 9 19:30:49 2016 UTC      Automatic backup: Writing backup file to CAStor failed

In the csn.log file, you will see: <131>2016-10-05 10:08:41,581 csn.scspfile ERROR: received 412 response code writing to CAStor. <131>2016-10-05 10:08:41,581 blui.cns ERROR: Writing backup file to CAStor failed <131>2016-10-05 10:08:41,802 blui.cns ERROR: Backup returned error code: 0

After creating a domain in Content Gateway and configuring the CSN to use that domain in the CSN Backup/ Restore page, you should see backups occurring.

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