Hypervisor Support

The components of the Swarm ecosystem (including gateway, elasticsearch, SCS) were originally designed to run on "bare metal" Linux systems and are fully supported by Datacore when deployed that way. Modern hypervisors generally do an excellent job of emulating those bare metal systems, and most of our customers have had good success deploying that way. Datacore supplies Swarm packaged for VMWare infrastructures, and our support team is well-versed in VMWare's infrastructure, thus the entire ecosystem is supported when deployed via VMWare. Customers who wish to use an alternative hypervisor such as KVM, HyperV or Proxmox, are on their own to set up and maintain that VM infrastructure but we support the Swarm components when so deployed - either by converting the VM images or by full installs of the components (the latter is usually a safer option). However, our support team won't be able to assist with or debug issues with that infrastructure, such as network connectivity issues, failure to PXE boot, performance issues, installation failures or device driver problems as they aren't trained or experienced with these systems. They can assist with Swarm issues but will defer back to the customer when issues appear to be environmental. Swarm components running on hypervisors other than VMWare are untested by Datacore.

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