Disabling SNMP on a CSN

To disable SNMP on a CSN (prevent it from responding to SNMP requests), follow this process:

  1. Comment out these three lines in this file: /etc/monit.d/caringo-csn.monitrc 

    check process snmpd with pidfile "/var/run/snmpd.pid"
    start program = "/etc/init.d/snmpd start"
    stop program = "/etc/init.d/snmpd stop"
  2. Turn off the snmpd process: 

    chkconfig snmpd off
  3. Reboot the CSN.
  4. After the reboot finishes, verify that port 161 is not listening.

    netstat -an | grep 161


This does not disable SNMP on the storage nodes themselves. This is specifically to stop the CSN from responding to SNMP requests. 

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