Single network CSN installation failed

Question: I am trying to install a single network CSN, and the installation failed with this message during the firstcsnboot portion of the installation:


Would you like to proceed with CSN network configuration? (yes/no)yes

Running CSN configuration
CSN configuration starting...
To configure your Cluster Services Node (CSN), please answer the following questions.
Is this the Primary CSN (yes/no)? [yes]: 
Is this a single or dual network CSN (single/dual)? [dual]: single
CSN configuration ended with exception. Please check logs

What could be wrong?

Answer: The odds are that your CSN's IP address isn't in the x.x.x.1 - x.x.x.16 range.  For example, if your IP address is, the installation will fail with that error.  Please correct the IP address to use an address in the correct range and run /opt/caringo/csn/bin/firstcsnboot again.

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