What to capture when running into SCI 2.8 and higher deployment issues

This article explains what you should capture to help support assist you with SCI 2.8.0 and higher deployment issues.

  1. Provide the exact version of vCenter and ESX host you are using.

  2. Verify you chose a network that exist on the ESX host you deployed

  3. Verify automatic DRS is not enabled ( because we don't support distributed switches )

  4. If the problem happens during the pre-installer stage:

    1. Grab in your local windows installation director:

      1. swarm_terraform/logs.txt

      2. swarm_terraform/terraform.tfvars

      3. swarm_terraform/terraform.tfstate

  5. if the problem happens during the swarm_installer stage:

    1. ssh to the Swarm Cluster Services VM and grab the following:

      1. /opt/datacore/swarm_installer/* ( tarball the entire directory )

      2. /var/log/datacore/* ( tarball the entire directory )

    2. ssh to the specific VM failing ( elasticsearch , gateway or telemetry ) and grab the following file:

      1. /var/log/vmware-imc/toolsDeployPkg.log

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