How to change the password for a Platform Service Proxy

Swarm Platform Server (based on Ubuntu MaaS) can run a limited (non-public) instance of Content Gateway, called the Service Proxy, which lets you have a Swarm UI for managing your cluster. Platform's Service Proxy is deployed via a Docker container. Running this Service Proxy container requires a fully deployed Platform Server and at least 2 running storage nodes. 

By default, Platform's Service Proxy is configured to use a local PAM user. That local PAM user exists only in the container. These are the default credentials:

  • Username: caringoadmin
  • Password: caringo

To change the password on the running container

To change the password on the running container, you need to access the container from Docker.


If either the server or the proxy gets restarted, the password will revert back to caringo.
  1. On the Platform Server, check the status of the Service Proxy with this command:

    platform status proxy

  2. If the container is up (Status: Running), request the information needed to log into it with Docker.

    docker ps --filter "name=gateway"
  3. Note the CONTAINER ID and NAME. These may differ slightly from these shown, but the IMAGE should be "gateway:5.3.0-2".

  4. Using either the CONTAINER ID or NAME value, you can run the passwd command through Docker:

    docker exec -it c97929f3006f passwd caringoadmin
    docker exec -it gateway_2 passwd caringoadmin

  5. Alternatively, you can log into the container itself:

    docker exec -it c97929f3006f /bin/bash
    docker exec -it gateway_2 /bin/bash

    Once logged in at the container level, you can run the passwd command directly:

 This change will persist in the running container.

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