Netboot on a CSN

General FAQ on netboot:

Q1. How often is this updated?
A1.  Netboot populates the database whenever a new node comes online assuming the node uses netboot for assignment.  Netboot watches the nodes, pinging every 600 seconds.  A node not responding in 2x that interval is marked unused.  The address/ mac address pair is not removed from the database for 3 days, however.  If that node returns, it will get the same IP.

Q2. Which service makes sure this DB is up-to-date?
A2.  The process doing the population and subsequent monitoring is netboot.

Q3. Instead of using DHCP assigned IP address, if a customer uses static IP addresses, does ip-assignment still pull all the static IP-MAC info?
A3.  The db is populated by netboot.  If a static assignment is used, the db is not populated.  This will mean that statically-assigned IPs don't show up for snmp aggregates (and reporting in older CSNs).

Q4. In either static/dynamic assigned IPs, would DataCore recommend to use ip-assignments (to determine the IPs) or snmpwalk like:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost -m CARINGO-CASTOR-MGR-MIB castorMgr | grep nodeIP | cut -d"\"" -f2

A4. ip-assignments if you are not doing static assignment, or mDNS if you are using static assignments. SNMP just polls the assignments database (therefore requires non-static IP address assignments/ netboot)

Q5. If ip-assignments does not report any error but also doesn't pull the IP-MAC info, what could be wrong?
A5.  If no data is pulled, it is likely because you have the SWARM nodes IP's statically assigned. 

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