Install head tool for elasticsearch5 in a bucket

Elasticsearch 5.x has removed the concept of site plugins. The purpose of this KB is to show how you can still install and serve the head plugin as static objects from an S3 bucket.


step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the head plugin from

  2. Install s3cmd , on CentOS/RHEL7 simply type yum install s3cmd and then s3cmd --configure to configure it.
  3. Create an S3 bucket called "head" 

    s3cmd mb s3://head
  4. Untar the head plugin locally

    cd head; tar xvzf elasticsearch5-head.tgz
  5. Upload all the files to your S3 bucket

    s3cmd sync . s3://head --no-mime-magic

    now you can access it using http://FQDN/head/index.html
    For Example: http://s3.demo.sales.local/head/index.html

    You can also pre-populated the target elasticsearch node with the base_uri queryArgument

    For Example: http://s3.demo.sales.local/head/index.html?base_uri=

    Keep in mind that most browsers wont allow mixed content loading between SSL and HTTP (aka CORS) , and elasticsearch port 9200 is HTTP not SSL !!
    so for example this wont work: https://s3.demo.sales.local/head/index.html?base_uri=

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