Fail to PXE boot CSN nodes

I am trying to PXE boot a new CSN node, but it is failing. I may see the first DHCP request just fine.

What could be wrong?

1. Check to see if portfast is enabled on the switchports leading to the CAStor nodes. We need to have portfast enabled (or spanning tree protocol otherwise disabled) on those ports because we bounce the ports between DHCP and netboot processes. If the port has to go through a full listening/ learning process, that could take up to 45 seconds at which point our netboot process will have stopped (timed out).

2. Verify that port 69 is listening for connections.

3. Verify that port 8088 is listening for connections.

4. Verify that the firmware on the network cards on the CAStor nodes are updated.

5. In cases where you may have other servers or network equipment participating in the cluster network that CSN is configured to handle: make sure that there aren't any address conflicts between the IP addresses that CSN automatically allocates for itself and the equipment you have installed. Consult the CSN documentation for details or contact Tech Support if you have questions on how CSN pre-allocates the assignments in the cluster network address range.

6. Verify that netboot protect is not configured, or if enabled, configured with each MAC address on each Swarm node that could possibly be involved in the PXE boot process.

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