How to manually load Swarm MAC addresses for CSN Netboot Protect

To include a bulk listing of MAC addresses in Netboot Protect instead of entering them one by one in the web user interface, you can edit this file on the CSN:


If you look at that file, it is formatted like this:

subclass "castor-nodes" 1:00:0c:29:a2:fd:ce;
subclass "castor-nodes" 1:00:0c:29:f9:97:15;
subclass "castor-nodes" 1:00:0c:29:ce:f3:f8;

Notice the:

'subclass "castor-nodes" 1:'

before the real MAC addresses and the semi-colon after each MAC address.

If you want to create your own file in the exact format above, simply backup the original just in case of error, include your own file in the above format with your desired MAC addresses, and bounce dhcpd (service dhcpd restart).

To make this change effective, you have to make sure to enable Netboot Protect in the web user interface:


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