Why Won't My Retire Complete?

Before you retire a node or volume, you must make sure of all of the following:

  • There is enough capacity in the cluster for the objects on the retiring node to be replicated elsewhere.
  • There are enough other unique nodes in the cluster to replicate the objects with only one replica on any given node. This means that if you have a 2 node cluster, and you try to retire one of the nodes, the retire can never complete since there are not enough remaining nodes to have 2 replicas of each object. 

Retire succeeds only if objects can be replicated elsewhere in the cluster.

A retiring node or volume accepts no new or updated objects. Retiring a node or volume means all of its objects, including replicas, are copied to other nodes in the cluster. Only after all objects have been copied, will the node or volume's state be changed to Retired. Once a volume has been retired, you should physically remove it for repair or discard it. If your intention is to use that volume in Swarm again, you will need to format it before Swarm will recognize it again. 

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