• Run this on a CSN, standalone SCSP Proxy, Indexer (Elasticsearch node), or Content Gateway

  • Provides a single-step vehicle to collect the most oftenly needed support information

  • Options:

    • -s - run the Swarm Settings checker to verify your Swarm settings are ready for Swarm 10+. CSN only.

    • -l - do not collect logs (but only need to collect environmental information about the CSN itself).

    • -e - do not grab the entirety of /etc/*

    • -H - do not grab hwinfo or dmesg information from the storage nodes

    • -i - do not collect Swarm Search feed (indexer/Elasticsearch) data

    • -p - manually collect health report data (useful for real-time reports or if your cluster is not connected to the Internet)

    • -n [integer] - collect this number of logs.  By default, the script grabs the 2 previously rotated logs.

  • If the machine it is run on has access to the internet, you may run:
    uploadtosupport [filename of resulting output]

    • You will be asked for the case number (SUP-1234) for your upload. 

    • Support be notified of this new file automatically as a ticket update.

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