• Help! (-h)

  • Lowercase options don’t make changes to cluster: they are read-only

  • Uppercase options make changes to the cluster and always requires the read/write password specified 

    • read/write password is pulled from the CSN’s cluster.cfg file so not necessary to enter manually

  • avahi vs CSN (ip-assignments --ips) vs NODES.csv

    • by default, will collect IPs to run commands against via the ip-assignments script

    • ip-assignments is not populated if your addresses are configured statically in node config files

    • avahi-browse is available to get a list of all nodes (-d [cluster name] option)

    • use the -n option to specify operations ONLY against IPs specified in NODES.csv 

    • using -n is very handy if you only want results from a subset of IPs (see script in the bundle)

  • NODES.csv- including its use with the -n option is common across many support scripts

  • MIBS should already be loaded in /usr/share/snmp/mibs - might need updating 

    • (a script in the support bundle) will update the MIBs on a CSN with the latest MIBs

  • The -x option is available in some (not all) listing options to output to an Excel-friendly output. It is silent where not applicable.

  • The -x option may output to semicolon-separated output if the actual values returned via SNMP include commas.

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