Support Scripts Bundle Notes

  • Many scripts require the storage node’s IP address to run.  Define SCSP_HOST in the environment, and many scripts will pick up the IP address without specifying it.

    • export SCSP_HOST=[node ip address] 

    • put in ~/.bashrc to persist over sessions

  • Easily add the bashrcforcustomers file (for handy DataCore aliases and functions) to .bashrc using /root/dist/   
    This is done by the script as well.

    • Type: “alias” to see what shortcuts are enabled or

    • Open /root/dist/bashrcforcustomers and see what functions and aliases are now present

  • NODES.csv: Many scripts can use a file called NODES.csv in the current directory to run the script against only IP addresses listed, one per line, in that file.

    • Most scripts that use NODES.csv enable this functionality using the -n flag.

    • This is good if only a subset of IPs in a cluster need to be affected.

  • README.txt shows all included scripts and provides a brief summary

  • REVISION.txt is the date stamp from when the bundle was created and thus uploaded to the support site.

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