Support Scripts Bundle Aliases and Functions

  • Do any of the following to install many handy functions and aliases in the shell:

  1. run: /root/dist/

  2. manually run: /root/dist/ if cannot be run because of a lack of internet access on the server

  3. put: “source /root/dist/bashrcforcustomers” in .bashrc or .bash_profile

  • Enable these in the current session by typing the following in the current shell to install them temporarily:

    source /root/dist/bashrcforcustomers

Handy Aliases

  • vic[then press tab] on a CSN opens the cluster.cfg with vi file so the location does not need to be remembered

  • vin[then press tab] on a CSN, like above but for the netboot.cfg file

  • Several Gateway aliases for stopping/starting the service and editing the config files; type: gw[tab] for options:

root@c-csn1:~/Support>gw gwconfig    gwconfigvi  gwidsysvi   gwpolicyvi  gwrestart   gwstart     gwstatus    gwstop

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