How to upload any file to Support

Uploader (preferred)

Browse to the uploader and transfer the file directly using a modern web browser.

DataCore Support is automatically notified of the link to the file and the link is attached to the ticket. This uploader tags the file with metadata specific to support and is the preferred method for transferring data to DataCore Support.  


cURL may be used to upload logs, configurations, and other large files to DataCore Support. cURL must be installed. cURL is included in most Linux distributions and is available on Windows and MacOS. See the cURL website for further details.  

The uploadtosupport function included in the file "bashrcforcustomers" in the Support bundle:

Add the following to the /root/.bashrc file if the bundle is downloaded:

source /root/dist/bashrcforcustomers

A file can be uploaded to support using the following syntax (after sourcing .bashrc again):

source /root/.bashrc uploadtosupport [filename]

This puts the file in a bucket called cli-uploader.  A notification is sent automatically within 10 minutes.


For convenience, a reference to the support tools is located in a PDF within the bundle itself.


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