How to collect a support bundle

The Swarm Support Tools bundle is essential for all users of Swarm products. It contains scripts for many purposes. Inside the bundle are support scripts as well as PDFs describing in detail how to use them:

  • Tech-Support-Scripts-Bundle.pdf

  • Tech-Support-Scripts-Bundle-swarmctl.pdf

The primary tool in this bundle is the script The script snapshots the Swarm configuration and logs data into a tarball and attaches it to a support ticket to assist in troubleshooting.

Creating a support bundle

The best practice is to proactively collect and upload a support bundle with relevant technical information when a support ticket is opened with DataCore Support. Create a tarball by running the command from the extracted tools bundle.

Follow the process below to provide the support bundle when an issue is raised with DataCore Support:

  1. Open a support ticket and note the ticket number (such as 220331-000023) to use when uploading files.

  2. Download the bundle: swarm-support-tools.tgz

    1. CLI download command example:

      cd /root curl -fO

      If you happen to use wget instead of curl, and run into an error regarding verification of the certificate is returned and then re-run the wget command:

    2. yum -y install ca-certificates
  3. Extract the tools in the /root directory on the server (CSN, Elasticsearch, SwarmNFS, or Gateway).

    1. CLI extraction command example:

      tar -xf swarm-support-tools.tgz
  4. Navigate to the tools directory, which is usually /root/dist.

  5. Recommended: Update the support bundle if significant time has passed since the bundle was last downloaded or updated. The version can be checked by viewing the REVISION.txt file.

    1. Check the version by viewing the contents of the REVISION.txt file:

    2. Update the bundle to the current version:

  6. Execute the script:

    1. Standard bundle grab:

    2. If your Swarm cluster is configured with an administrative user that is not “admin”, then you will need to also include the -U <admin username> like so:

    3. This username and password is for the Swarm cluster itself, and are not necessarily the same credentials configured to access the Swarm UI/ Content Portal as that uses a policy configured on the Content Gateway in policy.json/ idsys.json.

    4. Presuming a current version (post 2023_0825) of the support tools (see above), and internet connectivity from the server that is running the script, the -u [ticketid] flag can be used to automatically upload the bundle output to the support ticket. This will automatically update the ticket and let Datacore Support know. Example:

  7. Note the name and location of the tarball created by the script.

Uploading the bundle (internet access)

Upload directly from a server with internet access:

  1. Type the following to enable the 'uploadtosupport' function in the local shell:

  2. Type the following to upload the bundle to DataCore Support. You may include the ticket number as a second argument or it will ask you for that value.

  3. Enter the ticket number when prompted if not already specified in the command.

  4. The uploader automatically adds the bundle to the ticket and notifies DataCore Support. There is no need to email DataCore Support or make any changes to the ticket.

  5. Reminder that you can achieve the same effect by using the -u [ticketid] flag when creating the bundle like so: ./ -u [ticketid]

Uploading the bundle (no internet access)

The file needs to be moved to a location with internet access if the local server does not have access to the internet.

  1. Securely connect (such as with WinSCP) to the server (CSN or other product) from an accessible location.

  2. Download the latest support bundle.

  3. Browse to the Uploader URL:

  4. Upload the bundle from the download location.

  5. Enter the ticket number when prompted for a client name and ticket number.

  6. The uploader automatically adds the bundle to the ticket and notifies DataCore Support. There is no need to email DataCore Support or make any changes to the ticket.

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