Get header from deleted bucket

If you need to recreate a bucket but don’t know the name of the bucket or the domain, presuming the bucket still has a delete marker, you can use the contextid in the error from the castor.log like this.

Here is the error.

Context (uuid=8a335bcfc042610ac1777184727f0a86) has been recursively deleted but contains non-deletable content. See log for more detail.

Here is how you hit Swarm directly (not through Content Gateway) to find the headers for that context. In the case of recovering a bucket, you will want the information from Castor-System-Path.

# curl -IL "$SCSP_HOST/8a335bcfc042610ac1777184727f0a86?readmarker&admin" -uadmin:caringo HTTP/1.1 200 OK Castor-System-Alias: 8a335bcfc042610ac1777184727f0a86 Castor-System-CID: e714ab398c7d3acba6ccf36d57d732bd Castor-System-Cluster: Castor-System-Created: Wed, 29 Nov 2023 16:23:28 GMT Castor-System-Marker: True Castor-System-Name: add-to-delete Castor-System-RecursiveDelete: 1701275008 Castor-System-Version: 1701275008.478 Content-Length: 0 Last-Modified: Wed, 29 Nov 2023 16:23:28 GMT X-Last-Modified-By-Meta: admin@ lifepoint: [Thu, 28 Nov 2024 16:23:28 GMT] deletable=no lifepoint: [] delete policy-replicas: min:2 default:2 max:16 policy-versioning: enabled x-owner-meta: admin@ Etag: "8d7fd9d71f9bf4c61d83d22f8ec54697" Castor-System-Path: /domain-for-versioning/add-to-delete Castor-System-Domain: domain-for-versioning Volume: b5d4ca7645db353ad97465443cba9ebc Volume-Hint: 0e32c8d9265708ee15bb8803e132a63a Volume-Hint: c117bb0fccfb44b5df36ad45e5bc0f44 Feed-0-Status: 0 Feed-0-StatusTime: Wed, 29 Nov 2023 16:23:28 GMT MinReps: 16 Policy-Versioning-Evaluated: disabled Policy-Versioning-Evaluated-Constrained: no Policy-ECMinStreamSize-Evaluated: 1000000 Policy-ECMinStreamSize-Evaluated-Constrained: yes Policy-ECEncoding-Evaluated: 2:1 Policy-ECEncoding-Evaluated-Constrained: yes Policy-Replicas-Evaluated: min:2 max:16 default:2 Policy-Replicas-Evaluated-Constrained: yes Policy-Lifecycle-Evaluated: disabled Policy-Lifecycle-Evaluated-Constrained: no Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2023 16:31:21 GMT Server: CAStor Cluster/15.3.1 Keep-Alive: timeout=14400

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