How to enable multicast in an SCS cluster

If your SCS controlled cluster is configured with multicast disabled, which was the default for some versions of SCI/ SCS deployments, you can enable multicast to be used in this environment instead. This process might be recommended by Technical Support and, even though simple, should not be followed without support guidance.

Note- this will require a full at-once reboot of the whole cluster!


SSH as root user to the SCS to perform the following steps.

  1. Confirm that multicast is False in the cluster presently:

    scsctl storage config show -d "cip.multicastEnabled"
  2. Set this value to true:

    scsctl storage config set -d "cip.multicastEnabled=true"
  3. You should see something like:

    updated but not pushed to instances
  4. This means that you now need to reboot the entire cluster at once (NOT a rolling reboot!)

  5. After ensuring downtime is acceptable with your users, and ensuring that you have terminal console access to the storage nodes in case the storage nodes have issues during the reboot, then reboot the entire cluster at once through the UI or swarmctl from the support tools directory:

  6. Once the cluster is back up, ensure that you see all nodes in the UI and that is showing a value- typically

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