Elasticsearch queries- direct to ES

This article will give a few examples of doing direct-to-Elasticsearch queries. This is normally not necessary and not advised as queries should be done through the Swarm Search API.


  • Set a Swarm Node IP as SCSP_HOST, Elasticsearch IP and the Elasticsearch Index variables. These presume the Support tools are installed at /root/dist

export SCSP_HOST=<any Swarm node> export ESIP=$(python /root/dist/platform-get-default-search-feed-ip.py $SCSP_HOST | awk '{ print $1 }') export ESINDEX=index_$(python /root/dist/platform-get-default-search-index-name.py $SCSP_HOST)

Calls direct to ES

ES information by stream name

FILENAME=<filename> && curl -s "$ESIP:9200/$ESINDEX/_search?q=stype:NAMED+AND+name:$FILENAME&pretty" | jq -r '.hits.hits[]'
  • This will return all named streams by that name across buckets/ domains. You can delineate by bucket or domain id as seen in other examples.

ES information by etag

ETAG=<etag> && curl -s "$ESIP:9200/$ESINDEX/_search?pretty&q=etag:$ETAG" | jq '.hits.hits[]'

Get Domain id

from Swarm

from ES directly

Get Bucket id (context id)

from Swarm by domain name

from ES directly- by domain id

Stream count by bucket (context id)

Stream count by Domain (domain id)

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