Use the indexer-enumerator support tool to determine space usage across domains and buckets

Run the below commands to see the count of and space used by objects, including versions. This gives a good a “lay of the land” of a cluster’s usage.


These three commands use a support tool which does SCSP du listings ( ) directly against a storage node, not a Content Gateway.

  1. First update the support tools on your SCS or CSN server to be sure you have the latest version of the script:

  2. This command takes the most time though should still less than an hour even with dozens of buckets across your domains. It generates an All-Buckets.txt showing the named object count and space usage for each bucket:

    /root/dist/ -a <storage-node-ip> -d ALL -i -y
  3. This get the count and total size of unnamed objects in each domain. This includes the “parts” of in-progress multipart uploads.

    /root/dist/ -a <storage-node-ip> -d ALL -c -u
  4. Finally, this shows a count and total size of unnamed, untenanted objects. This should be minimal assuming cluster.enforceTenancy=True.


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