swarmctl (new!)- Common options

  • -a - to send request to each node (by default, action affects a single node)

  • -d [node] - to specify a node

  • -C [config parm] - to see a current value.  Use with -V to change the value

  • -E clear  - to clear errors on a node.  Use with -a for all nodes’ errors

  • -i [log level] - change the log level for the whole cluster

  • -L [log level] - to change the log level for a single node

  • -P - to get the PSS, use with -x to send to a file

  • -Q [{dmesg,hwinfo,healthreport}] - to get dmesg, hwinfo, or generate a health report locally

  • -R, -S - to restart and shutdown the cluster respectively

  • -x - used with other options to output the results to a file

  • download the complete swarmctl training here: 


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