Support Scripts Bundle aliases and functions, cont.

  • alias hg='history | grep -i'   # type hg to grep through your history

  • alias eh='echo $SCSP_HOST'  # to show your currently set SCSP_HOST

  • function “ch” that changes your current shell’s SCSP_HOST. 

    • Type: ch [new storage node ip]

    • Then type: “eh” to confirm the change.

  • type: “logs” to quickly cd to /var/log/caringo on any system where that exists

  • alias xtar='tar zxvf'  # to quickly unzip a .tgz extension tarball, type: “xtar blah.tgz

  • type: “uploadtosupport [filename]” on a system connected to the internet to send a file to DataCore Support. 

    • It will prompt you to enter a customer name and ticket ID (like: SUP-1234)

  • type: nocomment [filename] to quickly output a file removing all of the comment lines that start with the # symbol. 

    • This lets you strip a configuration of all commented-out defaults so that you only see what’s changed.

  • There are several functions that do something to the last file (based on time changed) in a directory:
    vilast, wclast, catlast, lesslast, taillast

    • These do the commands suggested by the characters before the word “last”. 

    • For example, type: “vilast” to start editing the file in the current directory that was most recently changed.

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