Key changes between FileFly 2 and 3


FileFly 2 support expires on April 2020. Contact DataCore for help licensing and migrating to the current version of FileFly. See the License change instructions in the FileFly 3.1 Release Notes.

The 3.0 release of FileFly has significant differences from the 2.1 release.

For complete details, see FileFly 3.0 Release Notes and FileFly 3.1 Release Notes.


  • Licenses for version 2 are NOT compatible with version 3 software
  • Newly created licenses are NOT compatible with previous versions of the software
  • Software no longer expires at a set date
  • Global Licensing Service, provides:
    • Online enforcement
    • Automatic push of updated licenses
  • Licensed capacity quota measured by amount of data migrated
  • Licenses are no longer locked-down to specific Swarm clusters

Stub deletion monitoring

In release 3.0, stub deletion monitoring is no longer a global Boolean (true) but is changed to be per volume:


Community Edition limitations

The free Community Edition of FileFly 3.0 is a subset of the full edition. Note these differences:

  • It does not include technical support.
  • It does not include DrTools.

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