Release Notes for Content Gateway 5.0

New Features

  • Redesigned Content Portal - The Content Portal has significant changes in appearance and behavior to support future expansion and integrations. Contents listings appear consistently throughout the Portal, with resizable and sortable columns, and they have streamlined and simplified commands. (CLOUD-2172, CLOUD-2300)
    See Content UI Overview.

  • Content Protection Policies - The Content Portal now allows you to set content protection policies as part of the Properties of domains and buckets, in addition to object versioning. The content protection policies include both replication (how many object copies to maintain in the cluster) and erasure coding (dividing very large objects into data and parity segments, for efficient storage and protection). (CLOUD-1910, CLOUD-2147)
    See Setting Storage Policies.

  • Go to Location - The Content Portal offers a Go To Location feature, which provides a method to navigate directly to a tenant, domain, or bucket by name. The feature is global, available from all pages as an option on the login menu. The context you select opens to a listing view of its contents. If the requested location is invalid or permission is denied, the error alert provides details and allows correcting the location. (CLOUD-1739, CLOUD-2302)
    See Go to Location.

  • Blocking Indelible Objects - Gateway has a new storage_cluster configuration option, blockUndeletableWrites, that rejects SCSP write requests that include a deletable=no lifepoint. This applies to named and unnamed object types and can be useful in storage provider deployments where the cluster administrators wish to retain the final authority to remove content. (CLOUD-1052, CLOUD-2202)
    See Gateway Configuration.

Functional Changes

  • Swarm 8.2 is the minimum required version of the back-end object storage engine. Swarm must be upgraded prior to installing this version of Gateway.

  • Elasticsearch 1.7.1-7 is the latest version of the metadata search software, and it is included with Swarm 8.2. Version 1.7.1-5 is still supported.

  • CSMeter is deprecated and applications should transition to the new metering mechanism. There are no additional updates planned to version 1.1.6 and it is no longer distributed.

Additional Changes

  • Parallel Write by Copy - Gateway now supports parallel writes using Swarm's x-castor-copy-source-* headers, to upload a part by copying content from an existing object. When making a "PUT with copy" request, the user must have read access to the source. (CLOUD-1920)

  • S3 Anonymous Principals - Gateway supports the new AWS S3 format for specifying an anonymous principal. See Policy Document. (CLOUD-1692)

  • S3 Empty PUT - For compatibility with AWS S3, Gateway permits PUT without a body and Content-Length header, such as for creating a bucket. (CLOUD-2154)

  • Performance tuning parameters - The default values for the Java operational parameters to control memory heap and maximum file descriptors have all been increased and are parameterized in the /etc/sysconfig directory. See Gateway Operations. (CLOUD-2133, CLOUD-2123)

  • Linux PAM user names and group names are now treated as case-sensitive. (CLOUD-2135)

  • Added support for multipart uploads that use non-ASCII, UTF-8 object names. (CLOUD-801)

  • Improved handling for non-standard bucket names, such as those containing non-alphanumeric characters. (CLOUD-2090)

  • Improved cross-domain login handling for cases of failed and restored permissions. (CLOUD-2061)

  • Improved tolerance for missing parameters and configuration files on startup. (CLOUD-2168)

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