Manual changes to Swarm's configuration file on the CSN

Question: Can you make changes to Swarm's configuration file (/var/opt/caringo/netboot/content/cluster.cfg) in a CSN?  

Answer: It depends on which variable. The cluster.cfg file is regenerated when a change is made through the CSN console.  If there are variables that are not managed by the CSN console, they will be left unchanged. Any variables that have been modified by the customer that are managed by the CSN console will be rewritten when the changes are saved.

This does not affect Swarm changes made through Swarm's Admin Console. Those changes are written to the Cluster Settings UUID (also called the Persistent Settings Stream- PSS) which is stored in Swarm.

Any settings stored in the PSS, whether set via the various UIs or via SNMP, transcend any parameters stored in the cluster.cfg file. If you are unclear what is in the PSS, you can run the swarmctl script with the -P option from the tech support bundle: to find out what parameters are already stored there. A node will NOT become available when first booting until it has read the PSS, and the configuration parameters in the PSS take precedence over any commensurate parameters in the cluster.cfg file.

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