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  1. On the Platform Server, check the status of the Service Proxy with this command:

    Code Block
    platform status proxy

  2. If the container is up (Status: Running), request the information needed to log into it with Docker.

    Code Block
    docker ps --filter "name=gateway"

  3. Note the CONTAINER ID and NAME. These may differ slightly from these shown, but the IMAGE should be "gateway:5.3.0-2".

  4. Using either the CONTAINER ID or NAME value, you can run the passwd command through Docker:

    Code Block
    docker exec -it c97929f3006f passwd caringoadmin
    docker exec -it gateway_2 passwd caringoadmin

    Image RemovedImage Added

  5. Alternatively, you can log into the container itself:

    Code Block
    docker exec -it c97929f3006f /bin/bash
    docker exec -it gateway_2 /bin/bash

    Once logged in at the container level, you can run the passwd command directly:

    Image Removed

    Image Added

 This change will persist in the running container.