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Swarm Hybrid Cloud feature is accessible to clients via Content UI. Clients need to select a specific dataset to copy to the cloud, which can be either a collection, a bucket, or a folder within a bucket. Provide the remote bucket or container details, e.g., endpoint, access key & , and secret key, etc. Results for each object are provided in the source bucket as a status file. The focus dataset is defined shortly after the job is triggered and is not redefined during execution. Use the generated dictionary and log files to review the job.


  • Manifest File - Contains information such as total object count & and size, endpoint, target bucket name, access key, and secret key of focus dataset copied.

  • Dictionary File(s) - Contains the list of all focus datasets copied if the focus dataset is defined from the Swarm side. The dictionary file displays the name of each object along with the size in bytes. Note that these are not generated when an entire bucket or folder is being copied to the cloud.

  • Log File - Provides a run summary or error message and contains the current status of each object of the focus dataset copied, along with details from the final check. The log file is generated after the objects are queued up to copy and, is refreshed every two minutes. There are four potential statuses for each object:

    • Pending - An initial state where the object is queued up for the copy.

    • Failed - When an object is failed to copy to the target storage. Reasons include the target endpoint is not accessible, or any issue with an individual object, such as too large object name for S3. See the Gateway server log for failure details if not specified within the log file.

    • Copied - When an object is successfully copied.

    • Skipped - When an object is skipped. Reasons include the object already exists at the destination, the object does not exist at the source, or the object is marked for deletion and cannot be copied.

  • Result Summary - Provided with Content Portal 7.7 and later. The result summary appears in JSON format after job completion, with a link to the log file.