Single Node Swarm

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Single Node Swarm enables running the entire Swarm ecosystem on a single server, ideal for use in branch or remote offices or anywhere a single server instance of Swarm would be useful. Single Node Swarm is fully featured, and has the same capabilities as other configurations of Swarm. While Swarm's normal data protection mechanisms are present, the single server hardware does present a single point of failure, so for critical needs, replication feeds or other mechanisms should be employed to enable disaster recovery if business needs require it.

While the Swarm capability remains the same, the installation process for Single Node Swarm differs significantly and requires prior installation of a base operating system on the server before the Swarm install. Offline/airgapped installation is not currently supported but will be available in future releases.


All installations of SNS code require the direct involvement of Solutions Architects. Contact them BEFORE doing any installation steps.


Installation - Os + Application

How to get Ubuntu

Making a test VM for Single Node Swarm

Installing a Physical Node

Initial Package install

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