Elasticsearch for Swarm

Elasticsearch provides Swarm with the capability for metadata searching and historical metrics, and it furnishes the data needed to populate the https://perifery.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/public/pages/2443813554.

This section covers implementing and maintaining Elasticsearch (ES) with Swarm.

For the query arguments for listing and search operations on object metadata, see https://perifery.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/public/pages/2443821835.

Terms of Use

Swarm keeps the SCSP searching API stable and insulates applications from ES schema changes.


DataCore may modify, without notice, the schema of the information contained within Elasticsearch and of the mapping template. Such changes can affect an implementation if directly interfacing with Elasticsearch or change the template included with the Swarm version of the Elasticsearch software.


Follow these guidelines if a need exists to customize schemas, templates, or queries using Elasticsearch with Swarm:

  1. Swarm does not support customized schemas. Run a separate ES instance for that purpose if schema changes are needed for direct-to-ES projects.

  2. Because Swarm upgrades may include schema changes, always plan to test and adjust any custom direct-to-ES queries used. Consider running a separate ES instance if an extensive need exists for direct-to-ES operations.

  3. Use a test environment to verify an update works with direct-to-ES queries.


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