Deploying Service Proxy/ Swarm UI with CSN 8.3 and Swarm 9.3.1+

Swarm 9.3.x requires version 5.2.1 of Content Gateway.  Service Proxy is one element of the Content Gateway software.  The original CSN 8.3 bundle came with Content Gateway 5.1.2, so installing Swarm 9.3.1 will have a negative impact on an already deployed Service Proxy/ Swarm UI installation. This installation is described here for reference to guide you if you are unfamiliar with this process: Swarm Storage UI Installation.

Newer bundles of CSN Platform Server 8.3 (that are only available from DataCore Support) will include the correct/ compatible Content Gateway software, so new installations of CSN Platform Server 8.3 will not have a problem with the Swarm UI installation as described above.

However, older, already installed CSN Platform Server 8.3 servers will need to follow these instructions to correctly upgrade their Swarm 9.3.1 and Swarm UI installation:

1) Upgrade Swarm to 9.3.1 as usual through the a) yum install;  b) change netboot in the CSN UI to 9.3.1; and c) reboot Swarm cluster steps.

2) Copy these two RPMs at these particular versions to the CSN: caringo-gateway-5.2.2-1.x86_64.rpm and caringo-storage-webui-1.2.1-1.noarch.rpm  

3) Install both of these RPMs at one time: yum -y install caringo-gateway-5.2.2-1.x86_64.rpm caringo-storage-webui-1.2.1-1.noarch.rpm

4) Log out of the Swarm UI if already logged in.  Log back in.  This should fix any display issues in the UI dashboard.

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