Change CSN Nodes' Default Gateway Parameter

If you need to change the default gateway for the storage nodes in a Caringo-branded CSN environment, you can following these instructions:

Please make a backup of the /etc/caringo/netboot/netboot.cfg file. For example:

cp /etc/caringo/netboot/netboot.cfg{,.orig}

Then open the /etc/caringo/netboot/netboot.cfg file in an available editor (like emacs or vi):

Change the 'gateway' parameter to be the new gateway's address.

gateway =

Save and quit out of the file.

You will then have to restart the netboot services on the CSN:

service netboot restart

Then, reboot all the storage nodes. You can rolling reboot the cluster if you like.

Note: do not restart the netboot service while storage nodes are rebooting.

CAUTION: Please be extremely careful when you do this. If you reboot the nodes and you have not assigned the new default gateway correctly, your nodes will no longer have access to the network. The CSN should still be able to see the nodes, but the nodes will not be able to route outside of the local subnet. In order to correct this, you will have to manually change the netboot.cfg file to the desired gateway and then reboot the nodes again. If you do not feel comfortable following these instructions, please contact Tech Support.

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