How much syslog space does Swarm use?

The level of log usage in Swarm is configurable (via either cluster settings page on the console, or node configuration file) and governs the number of messages which are logged for each request. Log usage will obviously depend on the rate of requests; the following numbers may help you to estimate usage by number of requests being processed per unit time. In the tests used to generate this data, requests consisted of a mixed workload of read, write, update, and delete operations. Actual log usage may vary significantly from this because of variation in the amount of data logged for particular kinds of requests, as well as the inclusion of periodic status messages trigged by time or events rather than usage.

At "warning" (30) log level, usage is about 0.0080KB per request. At "info" (20) log level, usage is about 0.024KB per request. At "debug" (10) log level, usage is about 1 KB per request.

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