How do I list the UUIDs on a volume?

Caringo Support may ask you about the contents of a particular volume. Following are two ways to get information.

List of UUIDs


This method can take a while and has been known to timeout for densely loaded disks.

Assume a volume ID is 5e3fe929f3a393a99c9bee63ad10edbc (as seen in the storage console) and the NODE IP where it lives is

curl -u"admin:caringo" -L "" -o [outfile filename]

This command requires administrative credentials. It will dump a list of all streams that are on that disk.  

Count of streams

Here's an example using a script supplied in the Support Tools Bundle: swarm-support-tools.tgz Run the script with these options: -t -n
root@b-csn7:~>cat NODES.csv
root@b-csn7:~> -t -n
Showing a detailed collection of statistics per disk for each selected node/ cluster
Node has 1 volume(s)
"/dev/sda" "7fc9d1ff2093a1810b74e444739bd837" has .138GB trapped, 1.256GB used, 8.723GB free, 10.119GB total, 23 streams, state "ok", trapped ratio: .984, largest stream UUID: "a085ddd6b287b04a5e4f9af61fce4ce7", largest stream in MB: 155, JournalBid: 0
Total Trapped: .138GB, Total Used: 1.256GB, Total Free: 8.723GB, Total Capacity: 10.119GB, Total Streams: 23
Elapsed time to run this script: 0 seconds

root@b-csn7:~>curl -u "admin:caringo" "" -o uuids.7fc9d1ff2093a1810b74e444739bd837.txt
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
107 858 0 858 0 0 144k 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 167k
root@b-csn7:~>sort -u uuids.7fc9d1ff2093a1810b74e444739bd837.txt | wc -l

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