Swarm - DataCore Installation Process Documentation


  1. Open an incident with ”Severity 3” from the DataCore Technical Support website. The format for the title of this incident is:
    [Name_of_Customer] - Customer Information for Swarm DCIE

  2. Include the following completed documents or information in the incident at least 7 days prior to the installation:

    1. Installation date

    2. Engagement Plan.docx

    3. Template_Site_Planning_Checklist_Swarm.xlsx
      Click below to download documents.

  3. The Customer Support team responds to the incident with items that need special review before continuing with the installation and are set to Solved.

Installation Tasks

  1. Go through the pre-install checklist and attach the completed checklist to the support incident

  2. Install the DataCore software by following the Release Notes that come along with the software.

  3. Test the configuration using the adapted DataCore Acceptance Tests and attach the completed document to the support incident.

  4. Create a separate support incident, if required, for questions or issues that occurred during the installation.


Keep the Swarm Customer Information incident for documentation.

  1. Once the installation is completed and signed off by the customer, confirm it via the Swarm Customer Information incident.

Uploading scanned or signed documents is not required.

  1. Upload the standard support bundles for all DataCore servers.

  2. Register end-users with DataCore Customer Support at Create an Account and then review with them how the DataCore Support Process works (Answer 1322).

  3. Activate the end user's license keys on the Swarm cluster.


Neither install “Not For Resale (NFR) licenses” on live/production sites nor leave them with the end-user.

  1. Update the incident requesting that the 'Number of Installations' carried out by the DCIE should be increased.

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