Installing the Storage UI

You need all the enabling components to use the Swarm Storage UI with Swarm Metrics, such as a simplified Gateway (Service Proxy) to provide the needed access and an Elasticsearch service and curator. Your CSN download includes all of the RPMs and scripts needed to install and configure these components.


  • Do not use the CSN-embedded ES server as a Swarm Search Feed target.

  • Do not change the preconfigured defaults for Metrics, which are set in /etc/caringo-elasticsearch-metrics/metrics.cfg

    • and metrics.port are preconfigured for the Service Proxy.

    • Metrics are checked every 15 minutes and are retained for 120 days.

  • If you have any scaling concerns, consult Support about whether you need a dedicated Elasticsearch cluster.

  1. Install the CSN bundle as usual (the new RPMs will install for you).

  2. Add a Swarm license and start up the Storage nodes.

  3. Run the integration script to configure the Service Gateway, adding arguments as appropriate:


  4. Each time the script prompts you for a configuration setting, press Enter to accept the suggested value, or enter your own.

  5. On completion, the script will attempt to start all of the services with their new configurations, logging the output to the integration.log file (which defaults to /var/log/caringo).

  6. When the script provides you with your URL and credentials, log into the Storage UI with a JavaScript-enabled browser (development and testing were conducted using the most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome).


Metrics data will not appear until new storage data is added and metrics collection cycles have occurred, which is a minimum of 30 minutes.

  1. The script creates a "caringoadmin" user (password "caringo"), which is a user that is local to the CSN. These user credentials are required to login to the Storage UI through the Service Gateway.


This caringoadmin user is only used by the Service Gateway and not by the Swarm cluster.

  1. With CSN 8.3, all of these interfaces remain available and may be used concurrently:

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