options (incomplete list)

  • -h - help

  • -o - send output to stdout vs (default) file

  • -D -  output only a listing of domain names 

  • -b [bucket] -  output only streams in [bucket]

  • -B - output only bucket names

  • -c - get a count of matching streams only (don’t enumerate)- can be used with other options

  • -d ALL -   enumerate all domains found

  • -d [domain] -   enumerate a particular domain

  • -eEfFgG [#]  - enumerate streams written prior or since # minutes/ days/ years     

  • -l and -L [bytes] -  return streams smaller (l) or larger (L) than the provided value

  • -m [value] - look for a specific metadata header (use -v to pass the value of the header)

  • -p [prefix]  -  only return those streams that match a particular prefix

  • -S - use HTTPS if fronted by SSL (-U [user] -P [pass])

  • -t  - only enumerate untenanted streams (belonging to no domain)

  • -v [value] - see -m option

  • For an in-depth walkthrough, see 
    How to use

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