swarmctl (new!)

  • snmp-castor-tool.sh replacement for Swarm 10+

  • used to take actions on nodes:

    • changing settings

    • clearing errors

    • reboot cluster

    • remount stale volumes

    • change log level

  • used to gather information like disk statistics, IOs, dmesg

  • by default, only shows information from a single node.  Use -a to get info from all nodes:

    swarmctl -a -C policy.ecMinStreamSize -d [node ip]
  • -d [ node ip] is not necessary if you set SCSP_HOST in your shell

  • assumes caringo or ourpwdofchoicehere as the admin password for the cluster, so use -p [user:password] on calls if you have a different password

  • There is a separate training covering each option for this script

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